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Short introductory text

The system CISReal is a suitable technical and organizational solution of a node in the future European network for sharing public transport information, booking and payment data among all the carriers in Europe. So it is a suitable base for promoted panEuropean multimodal journey planner.

The system is based on a national standard which is based on European standards (SIRI and Transmodel) so it provides interoperability with keeping existing systems “alive”. This means that there is no need for big investments of carriers to modify their systems to be compatible but they just need to implement the standard interface to share their data with CISReal and get the needed data from it. So the modification is a low cost solution that can be spread throughout Europe quickly and easily.

The national standard has been sent to Brussels for notification (CEN rules) and is to be published in November 2013 as a national standard, but according to new EU Regulation 1025/2012 it can easily become an European standard if there is enough interest.

Such system enables other carriers to join and share/gain the data. Some of the regions have no local control/information centres and the central system can be a solution how not to build a high-cost regional control system but to join the central system and use its advantages for travellers’ information.

The project has prepared a pilot. It provides administration environment for a control centre to see the movement of all public transport vehicles in real time (update every 15 seconds) in Prague and its suburban areas and an adjacent region.

The video below shows the system from user perspective and present the supportive CISReal system enabling mobile phone app developers to come up with innovative products and services. It presents how to plan the journey also on trip and react in real time when a delay occurs on the route.

As the project managers are persuaded about the value and spread ability of the solution they are open to any questions and interests.